10 Moving Hacks to Making Moving Day a Little Less Hellish

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    Moving season is upon is! It’s pretty safe to say that moving day is everyone’s least favorite day; it’s long, strenuous, and something always seems to go wrong. Though we can’t move your things for you, or be your shoulder to cry on, we can give you some quick tips that may alleviate some of the small stresses of moving day. Stick to these tips, and breathe through it!



    Nothing Goes Unfilled

     Why bother moving empty bins, bags, suit cases, etc? Use that space to your advantage! Fill your hamper with clothes, throw your socks in a tote bag, or use an old hockey bag for your winter gear! No need to throw all your bags in a box, or transport an empty basket, fill that space!





    Don’t Be Buying Boxes!

     Obviously boxes are necessary for a move, but the second you unpack those boxes are useless, so why spend your money on them? Stores of all types are unloading new stock out of boxes weekly, sometimes daily. Get in on that! Head to a liquor store, clothing store, hardware store, any type of store really, and ask if they have any spare boxes. If they don’t have any boxes that day, simply ask when they do their receiving so you can come back. Tip: Wine boxes are awesome for moving glassware.





    Take Pictures of Your Electronics

      Just because you got your TV all hooked up once, doesn’t mean it will be such a breeze the second time. Snap a quick picture of the back of your electronics while they’re still plugged in so you don’t have to waste your time diving back into the manuals.





    Make Colour Coordinating Your Best Friend

     Use different colours of tape to label your boxes while packing rather than wasting your time searching for a pen, or trying to read other’s frantic handwriting. Create a quick legend for everyone to follow.





    Put Those Socks to Use

     Use your (clean) socks to protect your glassware! Help cushion the blow of moving on your glasses, while also using up excess storage space for your socks.





    Don’t Take Your Clothes Off of the Hangers!

     Firstly, hangers are the absolute worst thing to pack, they take up a lot of space, they are awkwardly shaped, and they get tangled. Secondly, why bother taking your clothes off and folding them up just to hang them again? Put a large garbage bag over your clothes on the hangers with the open end at the top. If the bag has draw strings to tie it with, great! But if not, use an elastic band.





    Bye Bye Bubble Wrap!

     Again, don’t be spending money on things that you will throw out as soon as you’re moved. Bubble wrap and things such as this will just add extra clutter while you unpack. Instead, use your towels, sheets, blankets, and clothing to wrap your dishes.





    Avoid Exploding Toiletries!

      The worst thing that can possibly happen to a suit case is a shampoo-related mishap. Avoid the nightmare of exploding toiletries by saran wrapping the tops of your toiletry bottles under the cap, and screwing the cap back on. In the event that the top accidentally pops open, you’ve got an extra layer of protection. Tip: To be extra carful, also tape the tops closed with masking tape.





    No More Tangled or Lost Jewelry! 

     Use an old egg carton to move your jewelry, this way you won’t have the stress of sorting threw earrings to find a match, or untangling a giant knot of necklaces. Tip: Be sure to tape the carton closed before transporting.





    Purge TWICE

     Always have a Good Will donation box around throughout the entire move. While you’re packing try to part with as many items that you don’t use as possible. When unpacking, if you spot an item of clothing you haven’t worn in ages or a lamp that just doesn’t fit in your new home, purge! Don’t let a stressful moving day ruin the excitement of your new home! The moving process isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Stick to these tips, remain calm, wear the clothing you like the least, and get moving!



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